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Things to do.. (6 & 7)

before I leave…

Aug 30

This morning sahur menu: Tumis terong kecap manis (fried eggplant with sweet soy sauce) and ikan bumbu rendang

August 30

Finally we said goodbye to Rika and Heri. I had sleep and woke up at 10.30 AM. Then started cleaning the bathroom and the room (why it’s always me who must do this >_<), washed clothes which should be packed.. anyway.. all had been well done.
Then had a chit chat..

Felt numb -_-

August 29

I went to 남대문 시장(Namdaemun market) with Widhi, Azhar, and Didit, to find souvenirs. Then we separated after we got what we needed. I and Didit then went to Teenie Weenie Myeongdong, bought gifts for my sisters and brother. Didit went earlier because he had “pencak silat” practice in the embassy.
Suddenly felt like I didn’t want to go to the embassy 😦 So I just stopped by at Caffé Pascucci, and bought two cheesecake (Berry NY and Shouffle). Then went back home..

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